1. Can I customize my pixel art according to my preferences and style?
Yes, you are very welcome to customize your pixel art according to your preferences and style.

2. If I want a specific theme or picture, can the owner design the pixel art according to my request?
Yes, if you have a specific theme or picture request, we can design according to your request.

3. How do I submit a request for a Custom design?
You can upload pictures through the purchase interface or submit custom design requests via email.

4. How long does it take to create custom pixel art?
The production time of custom designed pixel paintings varies with complexity and size. We will contact you after submitting the request to agree on a time for completion.

5. What information do I need to provide to customize the design?
In order to customize the design, you will need to provide the required image, dimensions and other details. The image must be legible and free of filters for us to design.

6. Will the price of custom pixel art be higher than that of standard design?
Yes, the price of custom designed pixel art will vary depending on complexity and size, and will be higher than the standard design.

7. Can custom designed pixel paintings be displayed together with standard designed pixel paintings in the store?
Yes, custom designed pixel art can be displayed alongside standard designed pixel art in the store.

8. Can custom pixel art be used as a gift or souvenir?
Yes, custom designed pixel paintings are perfect for gifts or souvenirs.

9. Can I choose the size and shape of the pixel painting?
Yes, you can choose the size and shape of the pixel painting, we will set according to your requirements.

10. Will the store owner provide instructions on the materials and use of pixel painting?
Yes, we will provide instructions on the materials and how to use the pixels.

11. If I need a large pixel painting, can I install and hang it?
Yes, the building block accessories in the hanger, you can hang on the wall.

12. If I don't know what kind of pixel painting I need, can the shop owner provide advice and guidance?
Yes, if you don't know what kind of pixel painting you need, we can provide advice and guidance.