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LEGO Mosaic Generator File Submission Purchase Link

LEGO Mosaic Generator File Submission Purchase Link

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How to buy parts through the generator design file?

Here is the LEGO Mosaic Builder link:Lego mosaic generator,it allows you to create your own Lego mosaics.

How can I buy my own design?

Step 1:Get the Mosaic file after you design it yourself,Open file.

Step 2:Go to the file page and change it to image format (jpg or png).The picture below is an example.

Step 3:Click choose image to upload the image.

Step 4:As shown in the picture, the upload is successful.

Step 5:Select quantity; the next step depends on the quantity entered.

Step 6:Take this image as an example, since there are 9 of them, we'll fill in 9 parts.

Step 7:We fill it in as 9.

Step 8:This is an example; please fill in the quantity according to the numbers shown in the instruction manual you designed.

Step 9:Add to cart or purchase directly, that's all you need to do.

Step 10:In the end, you will receive the following parts, with the exact quantity depending on the number of parts you design.(include 1×1 round tile ,Base plate ,outer frame parts ,outer frame Building instructions)

Special instructions:

Please be sure to keep your own design of the PDF version of the instruction file, which is an important document for you to build the Mosaic. The owner's background will not store their own design of the PDF version of the instruction file.


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