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LEGO Mosaic Wall Art-Piccolo Pixel art-48x96

LEGO Mosaic Wall Art-Piccolo Pixel art-48x96

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1.Our Piccolo LEGO mosaic, meticulously crafted by our LEGO mosaic virtuoso, showcases true artistry. Measuring 15.4in x 30.8in and weighing 5.3 pounds, it's meticulously composed of 4608 1x1 round tiles. Highlighting the seamless integration with LEGO bricks, the surrounding frame harmonizes into a unified, visually compelling masterpiece.

2.Behold the precision of our Piccolo LEGO mosaic, artfully generated using cutting-edge LEGO mosaic generator technology. This artwork captures the essence of the Dragon Ball universe, portraying the iconic character with remarkable detail and creative finesse.

3.More than an art piece, it's an extraordinary expression of creativity. Whether displayed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall, this mosaic stands as an exceptional gift for LEGO enthusiasts. Its fusion of artistic innovation and tribute to the character makes it a must-have.

4.The Piccolo LEGO mosaic represents the apex of LEGO mosaic sets. An alluring addition for collectors and enthusiasts alike, showcasing craftsmanship while paying homage to the iconic character from the Dragon Ball series.

5.Purchasing this masterpiece is hassle-free. Once ordered, our carefully curated LEGO mosaic materials will swiftly be dispatched via air transportation. Additionally, a comprehensive digital instruction booklet will be sent to your email, ensuring an enjoyable building experience within 7-8 hours.

6. At Picture Brick Art, we pride ourselves on offering customization options to cater to your unique preferences. You can choose from two distinct approaches:

a. Explore our LEGO mosaic generator to craft your own unique design. LEGO Mosaic Generator

b. If you want the help of a shop owner Mosaic artist to design a large Mosaic such as a custom family photo, use the "Chat with us" function in the lower right corner to upload the image. We can communicate the details of the design.

7.We also have many other Original design in our shop, check out Lego mosaic art work

8.Click on Lego Mosaic Art World to learn more about Lego Mosaic.

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